Gnome Homes Value Guide

A teardrop trailer for a lifetime

A Gnome Homes Teardrop Trailer should be the last trailer you ever buy. We want our friends and neighbors to enjoy their teardrop today, and well into the future. These timeless pieces are built with the quality that will allow you to pass your Gnome Home on to the next generation. (See our anatomy of a build here.)

Gnome Homes are designed to make the most out of your camping experience. Adventurers want to hook up and head out at a moment’s notice, affectionately known as the hook-up-and-go lifestyle. A hook-up-and-go teardrop needs to be designed and manufactured for a long, maintenance-free service life. Gnome Homes are about fun, and it is no fun if your teardrop isn’t out camping with you.

An important feature for hook-up-and-go lifestyle is the compact size allows easy, local parking. In addition to the convenience, there are no storage fees. Even with compact size, there are a lot of features incorporated into our teardrop trailers. We’ve added this simple value guide to help you decide if the benefits of owning a Gnome Home is right for you. We’ve attached a checklist at the bottom.

What we addedHow it helpsLifetime Value
LED lightsLow power consumption. Battery lasts for 20 days instead of 2. No need to run your car or run a generator while camping. Investment in LEDs pays off in just a few camping trips.
LEDs last for a decade more or less. No need for spare bulbs or for replacing bulbs.Reliability and peace of mind that your teardrop is always ready to go.
Galvanized steel frame designed for teardrops trailers.Galvanizing should last for 75 years or more. Galvanizing
The upfront cost is more than made up with four, five or six times the service life.
Engineered, welded, steel frame fabricated using 2" tubing.The frame will easily bear 2000 lb rating for the trailer without adding excess weight.Never worry about an angle iron frame failing or a utility frame being overtaxed.
Wheels 14" or 15"Stability for the trailer. Longevity of the tires and wheel bearings. TiresVehicle is safer and experiences 46% less wear than 12" tires.
Torsion axles with EZLube hubs.Independent smooth suspension with no cross axle to hang up.Zero maintenance on springs, hangers, bolts, boots, and brackets. Eliminate annual bearing re-pack.
Aluminum skin on the bottom, as well as the sides and top.Additional water, corrosion and erosion protection.Cabin protection will last a generation and can be repaired.
Off-grid system and premium deep cycle battery with solar option. On-grid packages to suit your needs.Simple to operate and maintenance free. More economically completed at manufacturing. On-Off gridNo add-on installation costs. Low maintenance costs. Increases the value of the teardrop.
Hardwood cabinets in the galley and cabin c/w high grade hinges and rollers.Quality hardwood and hardware will last 25 years. You will likely never have to replace the cabinetry. Your teardrop will look cool and the investment will maintain the value of your teardrop.
Handcrafted cabinetry completed by journeyman cabinetmaker.Beautiful cabinets will not sag or fail due to poor workmanship or design.The combination of materials and workmanship ensures your teardrop galley will endure long after the cooking is done.
Storage, shelves, and cabinetsStorage allows the trailer to be packed and ready to go with tables, chairs, stoves, coolers, and all the camping necessities.Your camping time is too valuable spent prepping the trailer. Hook up and go!
GnomeFoam floor - thermally bonded frame, 1.5" R7 insulation, and panels. Your Gnome Home is modular and repairable, meeting all safety guidelines.Barring a catastrophe, GnomeFoam floors will last a generation or more.
1.5" thick R7 insulation in the roof.Thick top and bottom insulation will help keep your teardrop cool in the summer and warm in cool weather.Sleep in comfort.
Screened RV doors on each side of the trailer. The doors meet all the federal mandates for safety.Sliding windows allow additional air flow.You will be comfortable and safe in your trailer.
Cabin fan with rain and temperature sensors.Rain won't ruin your trip. The fan will cool your cabin and shut off while you sleep.Never worry about soaked bedding because you left the vent open.
Vehicle wiring returned to a single frame ground.The lighting wires are No chasing corroded grounds.Dramatically reduces trailer lighting issues, diagnostics and repair costs.
Wiring is incorporated in the frame.The wiring is protected from damage, yet is accessible for diagnostics or upgrades. Longer lasting reliable wiring pays off in less maintenance.
Color matched fenders.Your teardrop is as cool as your ride.Your teardrop will last a generation. Personal touches will be appreciated as much 20 years from now.
Vintage 1930s lights.Teardrops are special and so are teardroppers. This is Gnome Homes way of paying homage.You and your teardrop will always be cool.

Here is your checklist; get the most out of you adventure dollars.

Gnome Homes Value Checklist