Unplug and Reconnect

Wow talk about a life changing event, owing a Gnome Home has allowed us to unplug and reconnect with each other and something that we truly love doing. When we ordered our Eagle Scout in March, it looked like a way we could get back into camping without having to buy a new vehicle and trailer ($$$$). Little did we know that was just a small part of what we were getting.

We were able to customize and put in everything we wanted and still stay within budget. We have always enjoyed camping, but with time it was no longer feasible for us to tent, our Gnome Home has given us back the ability to do camping our way; no power, no water, no showers and we love it. Now 8 weeks in we have tried out 6 different campgrounds, many of them within 1 to 2.5 hours around Edmonton and all types of weather, after all we are camping in Alberta. It is so easy get it ready to take out, if you what every other weekend or ever weekend your adventures await you. If you change your plans the last minute (3-4 days ahead) you’ll probably find a campground site, it almost fits anywhere. Our little Gnome Home can take anything we through at it and the mattress is fantastic, no sore backs or hips.

Our 2016 Jeep Cherokee has no problem hauling this little puppy regardless of what type of road we are on. You can park it inside your garage or on the driveway, like we are doing, we do recommend tarping it for the winter, you just may what to take it out on a clear winter night…

We recommend Gnome Homes to anyone who just wants to get out traveling and camping without the hassle and cost of big vehicles and big trailers. The quality and workmanship is second to none. You have special requests that fit into the basic design of the trailer, just ask and they’ll let you know if it’s possible or they’ll come up with another solution that would suit you. If you have a problem or question they have the knowledge, skill and the time to help get you get back on the road. We have looked at some of the other teardrops out there and they don’t even come close to the quality of the Gnome Home, the overall trailer builds, and material design choices are excellent, cabinets and mattress are better than the ones in a lot of homes. The people at Gnome Homes are available and willing to discuss any of your concerns, they can come up with solutions and or recommendations, and work with you on any ideas you come up with.

Thank you, |||| and Brian you have definitely allowed us, to “LIVE A LITTLE”.
Rick and Sharon Berry and Guinness (the four-legged creature that hogs the bed)